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Just Jump in and do it!

At this point in my journey I’m basically writing to no one, which is a little weird. However I will continue.

I started this blog almost exactly one year ago, did 2 blogs and then stopped, I have been reviewing recently the question of why….why did I stop? I believe the answer to predominately be to do with confidence – Do I know enough about the subject to add any value to my reader? Well actually, what a silly thing to worry about, you and you alone will decide whether I am adding any value to your weekly life, I sincerely hope I do, if this is the case you will continue to follow me and hopefully tell friends, family or colleagues and if you don’t think it’s worth your investment of time, then I thank you for reading and hope you have a great day!

I have planned a blog for a long time now but never had the courage to get it done, I have also wanted to reach out and support others for a long while but never known how best to achieve this, I believe this blog may be a good way to start that journey.

For me, this blog is about sharing with each other, discussing situations, decisions, options and letting other leaderz or potential leaderz know that everyone starts somewhere, you don’t get given a job role of “leader” and you don’t come into work one day and think “oh, I’m a leader”, leadership comes in many forms, this blog will hopefully be a place to discover a little more about it.

My first real came out last week and discussed my thoughts on “LEADERSHIP”, this got us off to a good start. If you like what you see, tell others, not because I want to be popular, I’ll do this blog if I get 1 subscriber or 100,000 subscribers, so it matters not to me, but if there is someone else in your personal life or work life that you feel may get some comfort, wisdom or comedy value from reading this, let them know about it.

I work for a large company, this is a personal quest and nothing to do with my current employer. However my employer will crop up from time to time as it is here that I am living my experiences and learning everyday of how to lead and influence people. The company I work for has been a great place for me, it’s developed me, supported me, seen me through a recession with financial stability. In return I have worked hard for my pieces of eight, always led from the front, driven change, asked questions, not settled for second best. We have a good relationship and I see my current employer as an old friend, always there for me.

Prior to the world of employment I attended the ‘University of Life’, I wasn’t a great intellect, in fact for the majority of my younger years i was 100% going to be the next great professional footballer…WITHOUT A DOUBT IN MY MIND. I wasn’t what I (or any of my teachers) would class as an intellect or model student, I left school with A Levels and set about starting up my own business as an 18-year-old. These were great times, I learnt so much starting up and running my own business, employing people, buying vehicles, managing marketing, dealing with customers, drumming up corporate customers, managing the finances, not eating(initially outgoings very much outweighed in-comings), then eating steak every night (in-comings soon were more than outgoings…PARTY TIME), wow I made it! But seriously, I learnt life in business the hard way by doing it. I just jumped in and did it, if you’ve read my “about me” page, you’ll notice that Just jump in and do it is a bit of a saying of mine, there is no better way to find out if you can do something than just jumping in and doing it. I almost guarantee you’ll be able to do it, and if not, guess what….you’ll have become a better person for trying. The fact that I started this blog a year ago and then stopped as I didn’t have the confidence to do it goes against what I have just written, but it is great proof that everyone needs a push in the right direction and a little arm around the shoulder….Thank you Sandeep!!

I think I’m a realistic person, I’m optimistic at every opportunity, but not blindly, there are times to be pessimistic and there’s nothing wrong with that, my advice would be to get someone who doesn’t mind being your shoulder to cry on, let’s call it a work husband or wife, someone you can call up and have a good moan to, I’ve got one and he’s a legend, can’t be without him, get yourself one, it’ll save the Partner/Wife/Husband/Fiancée/Mom/Dad/boyfriend/girlfriend being battered in the ear every night, even great leaders need to unwind sometimes, but more on this later.

I really hope you enjoy my journey and the topics we discuss, if you have feedback please share it with me. I want this to be a place to come, learn and share.

All the best


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