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Jun 21, 2022
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Marketing Director of the Restalia Group, considers that the traditional organizational structures will change towards more horizontal models. "Thanks to customer orientation, the lines between marketing, sales, digital, IT usa phone list , etc. will disappear. We must be prepared to anticipate customer needs and satisfy them on all channels." Similarly, Enric Ezquerra, usa phone list President of Sánchez Romero Supermarkets, highlights the need to align the customer experience with the vision and objectives of the company. "There are two types of companies: those for which experience management is a defensive strategy to retain customers and those that make customer experience their competitive advantage and differential value. The latter are the most successful and those that They end up becoming leaders in their category. LISTENING TO THE CUSTOMER: THE BEST PRACTICE There are many actions and practices that companies are implementing to get closer to customers and meet their needs, but managers agree that the most effective is active listening. Javier Sánchez, Marketing Director of Multiópticas, assures that the key lies in "listening to what the customer wants usa phone list and being able to provide a better usa phone list and service, manage data intelligently and offer usa phone list one-to-one marketing. The brands that succeed over time are those that have a background of truth and transparency." For Angélica Reina, Quality and Team Leader at Spotahome, it is a matter of taking care of customers and suppliers. "In our case, we must listen to both the user looking for a flat and the owner. Working on the relationship with them through loyalty helps us improve the end customer's experience." In addition to listening to the customer, knowledge and brand values ​​play a fundamental role in customer engagement. "Regardless of the size of the company, it is important that the client, prescribers and influencers identify with the company's values. It is also vital to have a team that knows the product and the client and is capable of offering a good service in the store", explains Juan Garrido, usa phone list Director, Customer Service at Game Store Iberia. For his part, Remigio Abad, Business Marketing Director at Endesa, considers foresight to be the best usa phone list for brands. "We must be excellent in those moments in which the client examines us. The difference is that now those moments are constant because the client has the possibility of contacting the brand at any time and on any channel. Therefore, we must be prepared, with the challenge of offering the best service every day". PROMOTING LOYALTY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Technology is not everything in the customer experience, but it does play an essential role in the relationship between brands and consumers.
For her part, Ana Martínez USA Phone List
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